Zaouia d’Ifrane

This small Berber village about 25km outside of Azrou sits under a dramatic and extremely unique geological feature, a 200 foot travertine plateau provides a backdrop of caves, hanging plants and waterfalls. Zaouiate Oued Ifrane translates to ‘holy place of caves’ and the village and its’ surrounding landscape creates an air even more awe inspiring than the title suggests. The best times to visit are spring and autumn.

There is not a whole lot to do in the village besides hike around and relax really. In Spring it is a good idea to get some camping in. Using the village as a base camp, one can walk out into the cedar forest and spend a few days living off of the land and getting lost amongst the trees. In the Summer there is a great swimming hole up the river where one can relax on large rocks in the sun and take dips into the cold spring fed river at their leisure. Or if you crave something a bit colder and more adventurous, take a shower under the 100 foot waterfall. Autumn is a great time to take photographs and day hikes around the village and the waterfalls. Sitting on a roof-top for an entire afternoon, watching the fig leaves change color never seemed a half bad idea either.