The city of Azrou is is the true capital of the Middle Atlas. It is named after a large rock in the centre of the town (Aẓro means “rock” or “stone” in the Berber Tamazight language). At an altitude of 1250m and surrounded by mountains covered with green oak and cedar, the climate is cool with snow during the winter and warm in the summer months.

There are a number of day trips we can do from Azrou depending on your interests. Most important to see are some of the waterfalls in the area as well as the cedar forests and the Barbary Macaques. For longer multi-day trips out of Azrou, we can stay the nights at Berber homes and there are also some great spots for camping.

You can also find a list of hotels and hostels in Azrou so you can stay comfortably before and after our trek.