Hiking in the Middle Atlas

With so much to see around Azrou, there are many options for backpacking or camping trips throughout the Middle Atlas mountains depending on how long you’d like to stay and how adventurous you’re feeling. I have been guiding travellers through these mountains for many years and know a huge range of paths through many different types of terrain.

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Suggested 1 Day Walk (approx. 5 hrs)

We will catch a grand taxi together up to the high farmland on the outskirts of Azrou. From there we will walk briefly through the fields of orchards and then up a gentle hill into the cedar forest, past two enormous cedar trees thought to be well over 100 years old. As we continue our walk higher into the hills we will encounter a number of beautiful viewing points from which we can look out over Azrou and the surrounding farm land and mountains. The views are truly breathtaking. Along the way, we will encounter Barbary Macaques. Although they are wild, they are somewhat used to visitors and quite ok with us getting reasonably close to them (keep your backpack zipped!).

Depending on how long and challenging you’d like to make your walk, we can take a number of diversions. We can return home via the remains of a river bed which once flowed from a now dried natural spring. You’ll find the contrast of terrain between the lush cedar forest and the dry round pebbled river bed just astounding. On our way down, there are many more beautiful views over the surrounding landscapes. We will wind down through a valley and a small creek where there are more Barbary Macaques. Finally, we will enter back into Azrou through the highest part of the village, winding back through the alley ways between the houses and down back into the marketplace.

I recommend a visit to the local hammam for a relaxing massage after we return.

Suggested Day Excursions

We can hire a Grand Taxi to take us on a route from Azrou toward the Sources Oum Errabia where we explore the more than 40 springs and numerous cascades. We will have lunch next to the rushing waters of the Oum Errabia, Morocco’s second longest river, before continuing our hike. Return to Azrou is by Grand Taxi in the evening.

I would also suggest a day trip to the cascades of Zaouia d’Ifrane and the Berber village Ain Leuh, where we can experience true Berber culture and hospitality during a visit to a private family home.

Yet another option are Ifrane, build like a Swiss mountain town, and Mischliffen, the Moroccan ski arena at an altitude of 2,100 metres.

Suggested Multi-Day Trek

This is my favourite type of adventure. We will set out early morning from Azrou and hike high into the mountains, crossing the cedar forest. Along the way, we will encounter Barbary  Apes. The first night, we will stay at a Berber home where we can experience the local culture and cooking. The second day we continue through the forest and have lunch at a lake where we can see a variety different migrating birds. We will end the day in the small Berber village of Ain Leuh. On the third day, we continue to the cascades of Zaouia d’Ifrane where we stay for the night. The following night, we will sleep at another lake (Lac Ouiouane) and continue on the 5th day to the Sources Oum Errabia where we end our trek with a feast next to the rushing waters of the Oum Errabia, Morocco’s second longest river.

If you want to, we can do over 10 days of trekking, always about 5-6 hours per day. I can set up food and camping equipment for us and depending on the route and length, we can take a mule/donkey to carry our equipment.

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